Earn Your Dream Job & Amazing Career at SK Group

Earn Your Dream Job & Amazing Career at SK Group

April 24, 2019, Author: skgroup

Land a dream job with SK group with career development opportunities.

Reaching a destination or being successful is not the key, sustaining or maintaining it over a period of time is the ultimate goal. SK group is built on this underlying principle. Our mentor cum founder is responsible for embedding this value into the very nature of SK group. Every organization has a plan charted out for each employee according to his/her proficiency. Everyone yearns for landing in a dream job with amazing career growth. We at SK group offer exactly that. The growth rate may vary for each employee.

Chronology of the rise:
  • The grueling first stage. Every professional level paves way for another. To go the distance, it is necessary to start from scratch. Starting as a developer does not mean being seated in that position! The initial hard work is necessary to make it big. The roles of a developer, designer, an engineer, an assistant or an analyst pave way for the next step in the ladder of professional growth. Though these roles are generic they give an insight into the working operations of the company.
  • During the next phase, we are given the responsibility of taking over as a team lead. The time frame of the rise depends on proficiency and professional capability. The team lead has to be accountable for the entire team to work as a cohesive unit. On carrying out the responsibility upgrade to the next level is possible.
  • The third stage is the climb to the position of regional manager. This role comes with more responsibilities. As a regional manager, we are required to look after the effectiveness of the operations in the region.
  • The fourth stage marks the initiation of being the business head. As the name implies it carries the responsibility of looking after the entire operations.
  • Stage five is the climax of the rise through the journey remains incomplete. On successful completion of the four stages, we get upgraded to the directorial position. As a director, the responsibility we require to shoulder is heavy in nature. Accountability is an important nature of responsibility. More importantly, it gives us access to a multitude of information and plays a significant role in the decision making of the organization.
  • During the five phases of growth, employees are empowered to generate a 10X income and provided with the know how to generate an accelerated income in the coming years.
  • We provide tremendous scope for growth. The opportunity we provide is converted to a 10X growth in career.

Knowledge Sharing Increases Employee Engagement

Knowledge and learning are two sides of the same coin. Knowledge is not something in the safekeeping of a person. Sharing of knowledge is healthy for the working environment. It increases employee engagement. Employee engagement creates a healthy professional working environment.

A specific succession plan is designed according to each employee’s professional capacity. The time frame essentially depends on the value the employee brings in. The ripening of each employee into a more refined version is unique.

SK group offers amazing career opportunities. Apply here to join us!

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