About Us

Our Philosophy

“To inspire vision, create brilliance and achieve success” – Dr Shaan Kumar

Our founding philosophy is encapsulated in three key words: Vision, Brilliance, and Success.

We are aware that starting, operating and sustaining a new business in today’s world requires an inordinate amount of effort, and that a lot of entrepreneurs give up on their business dreams before they even begin. We also know that it requires an inordinate amount of effort for top executives to sustain that top business level! We are guided by the principle of holding our clients success before ours. We will therefore do all that is in our power to ensure clients’ success.

Our Vision

“Building a legacy that will last forever”

Life is not measured by how long we live, but by the impact that we make while we are here. Our vision is therefore to build a legacy to last forever. We will therefore always:

Encourage our clients to work hard and to leave a mark in the world, and not just simply exist.

Work to create results that will last forever and benefiting tomorrow’s generation.

Provide golden opportunities to those who deserve them.

Our Milestones

“To enable and empower professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and enterprises to achieve accelerated growth by adopting emerging technologies and strategic solutions to sustain success”.

We grab opportunities helping clients experience and retain successful results in the long term.

  • Our Goals & Objectives are broken down into four main branches, which are:
    To help raise more than 10,000 wantrepreneurs, and empower them by providing valuable education and other resources, with the aim of turning them into successful entrepreneurs.
  • To empower top executives heading Small, Medium and Large Enterprises to successfully grow their enterprises into profitable corporations.
  • To create a million new jobs, helping to connect professionals to jobs at which they can excel.
  • To drive at least 10 billion dollars into our economy in 10 years through entrepreneurship support.

Our History

SK Group Inc comes from humble beginnings and was founded by Dr Shaan Kumar between 1995 and 1996 as an IT Hardware, Software and System Integration, Education and Consulting Company.

The company was originally situated in San Francisco and was headquartered there between 1997 and 1999 as ERP Product Development and Services Company.

In a short while, the company began to enjoy immense success not only as an IT firm but as a conglomerate with numerous business concerns covering the fields of education, technology, entrepreneurship, real estate, and healthcare.

The company by then had acquired thousands of clients and expanded its reach across the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. This led to the creation of regional headquarters in the UK and Singapore in 1999/2000. The Singapore office covered Malaysia, China, ANZ and other Asian Countries. The head office of the Group remained in San Francisco.

The group has grown stratospherically and expanded into the fields of real-estate, healthcare, energy, media, entertainment, films, and music, fashion and lifestyle ventures. The remarkable thing is that SK Group has been able to leave an indelible mark on every sector in which it is an active participant.

In 2003, driven by the goal of promoting better education and passing knowledge on to the ambitious, the group, encouraged by Dr.Shaan Kumar (its founder), established the globally recognized and nationally accredited California Intercontinental University. In 2009, CalUniversity.edu made history by being the first private university to receive accreditation to offer a Doctorate Degree by Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) (Formerly the Distance Education and Training Council – DETC) which is recognized by the Council for Higher Education and the US Department of Education.

The group is blessed with a great leadership led by Dr.Shaan Kumar, whose global vision and ambition have taken him to hundreds of cities worldwide in more than twenty-five countries.

Today, the Group has a presence in four continents of the world, with fairly medium to large operations in more than 15 countries and in more than 25 major cities having a corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr Shaan Kumar
Founder Chairman
SK Group Inc

Dr.Shaan Kumar is a multi-dimensional man passionate about the world we live in constantly working to enhance each life through his contributions to Emerging Technology, Education, Internet Services and Ecommerce. He is a disruptive visionary, Silicon Valley evangelist, angel investor and venture capitalist, 10x growth strategist, renaissance entrepreneur, and creative and innovative leader. However, he considers and defines himself to be a simple man driven by lofty goals.

Dr. Kumar is dedicated to the advancement of Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Internet services, entrepreneurship, education and technology and has since the beginning of his adult life worked assiduously to help others tap from the potentials in these fields of endeavor.

He has decades of experience in building highly scalable business models, is a global entrepreneur with tremendous experience in mergers and acquisitions, global franchise development, and establishing strategic partnerships and joint ventures across industries. Dr. Kumar has offered solutions and services to many industry verticals such as banking, telecom, pharmaceuticals, health care, higher education, manufacturing, and government.

He is also a strategic angel investor, securing investments for many high-tech and software companies. His expertise and innovative thinking set the ground for the rapid development of existing companies to reach new heights and for emerging enterprises to flourish in the global arena.

He himself is a hardcore entrepreneur, cutting his teeth in the beginning as a novice technopreneur. It was at this point in his life that he acquired the hands-on experiences he has today in designing and patenting many processes and technologies, and in ensuring the success of business start-ups. Today, he is a technology and media entrepreneur, author and speaker, fashion designer, music producer, and educator.

Dr. Kumar believes in the importance of education, passing knowledge on to the ambitious, living a meaningful life, and leaving a legacy. This was the inspiration for the creation of California Intercontinental University, a globally recognized and nationally accredited university that offers bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs, of which Dr. Kumar is founder and CEO. CalUniversity.edu was the first private university to receive accreditation to offer a Doctorate Degree by Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

Dr. Kumar also founded and funded the K-Foundation (Knowledge Foundation) which contributes to social causes like woman empowerment and programs related to child education, offering scholarships, grants, and free education to students worldwide.

He is an expert in emerging technology such as blockchain, digital marketing, IOT, AI, cloud computing, internet and mobile Apps and Ecommerce. He is also a coach, mentor and motivational speaker.

In the past, he served as Chairman of the United States Global Entrepreneurs Association, a non-profit association that promotes and nurtures global entrepreneurs; Chairman of eVisions, Qsoft, and EdNET Solutions & Technology Group; president & CEO of NETedInc, an e-learning technology and services company; a committee member for International Bioinformatics Research Academy Silicon Valley, ERM Anywhere.com, and the Sun Microsystems Asia Pacific Technology Review Committee.

He is the author of many books, journals, and articles. One of his publication is ‘Vision Brilliance Success’. The book is a global entrepreneur’s guide on how to design and grow a successful enterprise. He is also working on several other books under the Success Factor series, due to be released soon.